School bodyguards

             LTD "ARTAN CENTER"

The main objective of the course is to acquire basic skills and abilities necessary for personal security officers. The course includes theoretical and practical classes. 70% of the course is devoted to practical exercises.

The course program includes:

  • Occupation: personal security officer;
  • Training and performance of security activities;
  • Fundamentals of personal protection;
  • Basic firearms training;
  • Physical training and unarmed combat;
  • Basic tactical training;
  • Means of communication;
  • Legal training;
  • Psychology and business etiquette;
  • Rendering first aid.

Pistols - PM, Fort 12RM, GLOCK-17.
Carbines – FORT-205, M4A1.
Ammo: 200 pcs.
Methods: Theoretical lectures in the classroom, practical exercises
Duration: 10 days.
Skill prerequisites: none
You should have: casual wear, tactical clothing or camouflage, sportswear, sports shoes.